September 30, 2018

We at 2Thriving are so very thankful for your support of our Healing Chronic Illness in a Toxic World conference. All year, we have been looking forward to meeting everyone on October 27 in Staunton, Virginia to launch a vitally important conversation about the connection between environmental factors and chronic disease, and to share solutions promoting prevention and healing.

It is with immense sadness that we must announce our very difficult decision to cancel this conference.

Mary Baldwin University very recently relocated our event to a different building on a satellite campus that does not meet our essential, environmental standards for a conference centered on environmental health. It also, quite simply, does not meet our logistical and space needs for an event of this scope.

Within an extremely limited time-frame, our team worked tirelessly to find an acceptable, alternate solution that would allow us to move forward. We immediately looked at other facilities. We thought of postponing or hosting a smaller event. Yet, none of those alternatives proved workable. And time is of the essence.

Our mission was meant to inspire all of us to better practices and better lives, to educate others on the importance of the environment in healing and preventing chronic disease.

Our goal was to impact positive change, to empower others to recognize the root cause of chronic disease, and to foster a community of professionals and healthcare clinicians who could continue this leadership in their own lives and practices.

Our values, shared by all speakers, supporting sponsors and partners, centered on environmentally safe practices and non-toxic solutions to curtail the rise in chronic disease. We were so honored to curate such a unique collaboration.

Our hope was to inspire people to know that healing is possible, but …to really get there, an often-overlooked principle must be instilled: your environment matters. And that’s what it comes down to. Our environment matters. Our space matters. And we cannot compromise that.

We are disheartened to not be able to share our carefully-constructed program with you. But, we hope that this singular event’s cancellation will not stop your avid pursuit of linking the biological, built, and regulatory environments in the context of healing chronic illness.

Should you have any questions or concerns, we are available to discuss any of the changes that have occurred due to cancellation.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support of our organization and conference. We would not have been able to build this without you.

In gratitude,

Alison Main
Melanie Dorion, NP
Christopher Buonocore, BBEC, EMRS