If Silicon Valley can disrupt technology, then we are disrupting conferences.

2Thriving’s Healing Chronic Illness in a Toxic World conference takes you from professional theory to practical application in the same day. This inaugural one-day integrative health event will bring together expert clinicians, home health specialists, and public policy officials all in the same room – interacting, engaging, creating solutions – to launch an expanded perspective on healing, managing and preventing chronic disease: your environment matters.

This is not only a new paradigm in medicine, but a new paradigm in learning.

Informative morning lecture sessions will segue into experiential afternoon small group workshops. You will apply what you learned with immediate, hands-on interaction with the speakers and exhibitors – before leaving the conference. And there will be some fun outdoorsy nature stuff too…and nutritious meals and snacks.

Sessions, workshops and exhibitors will discuss health and healing through the lens of:

The Built Environment:
Our buildings and structures where we live.

The Biological Environment:
Our anatomical and physiological bodies.

The Regulatory Environment:
Our public policies and legal statutes.



Healing Chronic Illness in a Toxic World
A Paradigm Shift in Medicine:
Your Environment Matters

Saturday, October 27, 2018
Mary Baldwin University
Staunton, Virginia


Why attend:

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You’re super psyched. There’s a new healthcare conference, clinical forum, or webinar series on the horizon. You are promised famous “experts,” big theoretical concepts, and even bigger hopes for learning. So, you spend a hefty sum of money, take vacation from work, jet to the conference, or commit to your evenings logged into a livestream lecture.

You do all this because you expect to transform your practice and your business. You have visions of becoming a rock star practitioner – finally solving why your chronically ill patient is still sick after ten years; learning what to do with those innovative nutrition panels; and enlightening your clinic and community about groundbreaking methodologies that work.

But, let’s face it. That rarely happens.

The reality is: You spend days locked in a hotel conference room with stale air and harsh lighting. Or bleary-eyed nights at your computer while a webinar host walks you through PowerPoint slides that may (or may not) be referenced from Wikipedia. You’re talked “at” by speakers who remain inaccessible for discussion. The disjointed Q&A skips over your essential questions. You never get a one-on-one chat with the speakers or exhibitors.

Back at the office Monday morning, you have no time to read further; no clue how to practically apply the presented methods. Will it be months before you implement what you learned for you clients? Years? Never?

2Thriving intends to change that.

Whether you are a clinician, healthcare provider, or a non-medical professional, our conference will grant you real and actionable solutions, right here and now. You will take away not just theoretical philosophies, but real strategies, resources, and methods, so you can apply what you learned over the weekend back in the office Monday morning. You will learn how to impact real change, and why the environment matters.

What you’ll get:

Conversation: At Healing Chronic Illness in a Toxic World, you will directly engage with the speakers, the experts, the organization founders, and the vendors, all day and throughout the evening. We have structured the conference day to allow ample opportunity for real-time learning, individual conversations, and upfront answers to your questions.

Connection: “Networking” is a buzzword. Establishing real connections is what counts. You will return home with more than just a trophy stack of business cards. Instead, you will garner and cultivate new relationships that can help transform your professional and personal health goals.

Space: Because a healthy built environment is essential, our event space will not be an energy-zapping lecture hall. Our conference sessions and workshops will take place in an expansive ballroom with natural sunlight and fresh air at Mary Baldwin University where you will be inspired to learn. Lunch will be catered in the Mary Baldwin Dining Hall on a hilltop overlooking the beautiful Shenandoah valley. And our evening cocktail hour will take place at the Spencer Center for Civic and Global Engagement, with an elegant outdoor patio and veranda.

Nutrition: Real food gives you real energy. All meals and snacks provided will be gluten-free and dairy-free, without harmful chemical additives or fake dyes. You will eat well. We have your body’s nutritional wellness in mind.

Authenticity: All three co-founders of 2Thriving have personal experience healing from chronic illness and living by the principles presented at the conference. As individuals, we use non-toxic products and striving to eliminate harsh chemicals. We eat according to clean, bio-individual nutritional strategies. And we connect with wired Ethernet cords for internet access. We practice what we preach. And we’re excited to help you learn.

Please join us for this unique and transformative event. Thriving health is the goal. Let’s make it happen.


Want to Sponsor or Exhibit?

Contact Alison Main at alison@alisonmain.me or 434.260.3349 for a sponsorship packet and more information.